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I want a surprise! A present! I’ve worked so hard (at work + at home), and we all know that eczema isn’t the easiest condition to manage. Can you make some suggestions on what presents my husband should get for me so that all dads reading your column will ‘GET IT’.. (got it?)

Surprise-Deprived Mom

You are so right! We love presents, especially for those of us whose love language is ‘Receiving Gifts’ (click here for your love language test from Dr Gary Chapman). Here are some suggestions, for men to get your spouse:

Presents and Love Language for Mom with Eczema Child
Gift Ideas for Mothers with Eczema Children!

#1 Time off – Sometimes your wife may seem like she has it all under control and she may even appear not to trust you with eczema care. BUT she may have been wishing for you to step up and volunteer to spend some daddy-child bonding time so that she gets time-off. You never know if you don’t ask, and ask on the day you bring flowers home.

#2 Cheesecake and Coffee – If you don’t know the type she likes, buy a different one each time or even those where you can mix different flavors. Top this with time alone without kids/chores to do when she’s savoring them

#3 Beauty products – Sometimes it can get maddening when you’re applying all the moisturizers on your child but your own skin is dry. Getting beauty products for a mom of eczema child has a deeper meaning – you appreciate her efforts in your child’s skincare (please don’t get one with irritants on the list! Check this ingredients to avoid interview with┬ádermatologist Dr Verallo-Rowell)

#4 Hotel staycation – Even with children along, this is a break from the daily routine. The important part? Be in-charge of packing and playing with your kids during the staycation!

#5 Love – Any small ways you show love is good, including doing your share of chores and not adding to the chore list, hugs and kisses, not snapping at her but showering praise instead. Comes from the heart, man.

Wishing my spouse is reading this too! xoxo, #SkinishMom

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