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#SkinishMom – EczemaBlues Friday Columnist

Have a skin question? Want to vent on raising an eczema child? #SkinishMom on twitter!
Have a skin question? Want to vent on raising an eczema child? Or simply chat with a mom who doesn’t judge? Write in via comments and your question will get a reply (on or off the column). Or #SkinishMom on twitter or G+!

This year, Friday’s post will be a column from The Skinish Mom – who is she and what’s the column about?

The Skinish Mom is

  • A mom who loves the QUIRKY facts about skin – she loves to get the skinny on the skin!
  • A mom who is absolutely BIAS towards eczema kids’ families – she knows life’s never a breeze for them and she’s heroic in holding the storm off for them.
  • A mom who doesn’t JUDGE – but she has tons of opinions (otherwise she won’t be writing a column!). What she doesn’t judge is another mom’s parenting, after all, she would rather chill with a latte than to discipline kids.
  • A mom whose God is the God in heaven, who sent Jesus to die for her and whose Holy Spirit dwells in her – in essence, a CHRISTIAN.

#SkinishMom Column is all about

  1. The Skinish Mom – she writes what she cares about, namely skin, life with eczema, parenting and sometimes, being a christian. She doesn’t care much for politics or world view, it’s simply not her genre.
  2. You – You ask your question and she picks one to answer every Friday. Send in your questions via comments on this column, or vent on Twitter or G+ with #SkinishMom – if you vent with #SkinishMom, expect her to be checking in!
  3. Nope, that’s it. The 3rd is NOYB because it’s about The Skinish Mom meeting targets set by her boss, MarcieMom, owner of this blog

#SkinishMom doesn’t have a day off, her first piece is right here.

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