Mom Sleep Cartoon

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Eczema Girl taking a Break

Life of Eczema Girl Winter break

From the creator MarcieMom, aka Mei to Eczema Girl

Hey Eczema Girl!

So sorry that I haven’t given you a name despite the series of you having run for 14 months. Time flies isn’t it? You’ve grown from a fetus to baby to toddler to preschooler. But seriously, a cartoonist (and a mom) need sleep – and YOU STILL CAN’T SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT EVEN AT 5 YEAR OLD!

So, I’m going to turn my lack of sleep, the frustration, helplessness, anger, crankiness into a new cartoon strip Mom NeedyZz – seriously, can you or anyone blame me for it?


p.s. don’t worry, I’m sure you’d be featured sooner or later in this new strip too, provided I get some Zz soon!

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