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Eczema News – Bioresonance : What?


The Bioresonance companies must be doing a good job marketing (in Singapore), via Google ads or other channels, because more parents are asking about this and whether they should try it. Offhand, I think the picture I chose says my first thought – I mean, seriously, cells give off vibes? But as always, I approach a topic methodically, by looking at information over the web and also at Pubmed. Let’s first find out what bioresonance is:

Abnormal Waves

Bioresonance is on the basis that certain medical conditions give off abnormal aka unhealthy waves, and a device is used to detect these ‘sick’ waves and then normalize the waves and sent back to treat the person. It is on the basis that a sick person likely has something (bacteria, allergens) that disrupt the normal electromagnetic oscillations of the cells. Diseases that bioresonance purport to treat include allergies, eczema, cancer, arthritis, liver problem and chronic fatigue.


If you search Pubmed, you’d see it being associated with many health conditions and to me, it seems strange how a ‘treatment’ can purport to treat so many varied conditions. I looked through the articles on Pubmed and those that support the efficacy of bioresonance are from bioresonance practitioners and limited to case studies. Other independent articles show:

Articles citing bioresonance as inappropriate test for allergy, here or unproven here.

Citing bioresonance as not proven treatment for eczema, here and here.

My take?

I don’t think it’s medically sound but I understand that parents would want to try anything especially when the child is suffering from severe eczema, with bleeding, weeping/oozing skin with tears of pain and anguish. I don’t know if the bioresonance therapist will ask for patients to stop the conventional treatment – if they do, I would say no. Otherwise, if there’s no side effect (i.e. you still continue the treatment advised by your doc), then likely it may be money spent (and wasted).

Any parent has tried it? Is the consultation fun? I’m just thinking maybe if a child likes it, he/she will scratch less during the consultation time and be more aware not to damage the skin after but moisturize diligently? Do share your take in the comment!

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3 replies on “Eczema News – Bioresonance : What?”

my son who is 3.5 y suffer eczema and we found bioresonance therapy. we are still doubting as if it is so great, why doesnt it become a regular noral treatment use generally? it may improve the skin condition now but is there any side effects/harms in the future?
i dont mind to waste $ (tho i dont have much) but i dont want to get any harms/negative affects on my son…

Hi Crystal, thanks for dropping by my blog.

So far, seems to be non-scientific in this approach and I just searched pubmed again, hardly any study on it.

I suppose this is possibly one treatment not worth trying.. let me know if you hear anything more on it!

Thanks, have a good week!

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