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Healthline Best Blog – Vote EczemaBlues, please

Vote for EczemaBlues at HealthLine
Vote for EczemaBlues, spreading some Christmas cheer to me to others! Thank you!

Hi! I just saw that Healthline is running this Best Health Blog contest and I’m in it. As you can see, I’ve a meager two votes and need your help to vote. The prize is $1000 and I would donate all of it to COMPASSION – an organisation that our family is already supporting, and even Marcie knows the name and the face of the boy we’re sponsoring.

Click on this link, click Alphabetical, find “E” – EczemaBlues is very near to the top of E listing. Have to vote using either twitter or facebook, best both! Thank you so much – make my day, spread some christmas cheer to me and I’d pass on all of the prize winnings to Compassion – an appropriate season to give to children who Jesus loves!

Your sharing will help others!