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Counting Eczema Blessings at Christmas

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It’s almost end of 2013 and I have to resist the urge to recount my year as my mind inevitably ended up recounting all the years since I can remember something (which is at age 2 – I know, freakish isn’t it?) Ever since I’ve become a mom (to my lovely daughter Marcie 4 years ago), I haven’t had much time to count anything since the eczema already took up much time and any time I’ve left, I’d rather chill with a latte and a good book than wasting more of my time recounting the past.


One evening not long ago, someone asked me during bible study ‘What helped you got over the dark period when Marcie’s eczema was bad?’, ‘Did you struggle with God?’

I paused.

I replied – We got through it, after struggling with God. It has become a blessing.

Yes, you heard right. Though I wouldn’t want my child to have eczema if I have a choice, helping her with her eczema had knitted my husband and I closer – after all, it’s the first challenge we’ve been through as parents! Learning about eczema and sharing our resources with other families out there through local support group, local financial support scheme, my books (picture and wordy one), this blog and being available whenever a desperate mom emailed me had been a blessing to us.

But I missed something.

Somewhere when doing all of the above, I have failed to connect deeper with God who has blessed me with the resources – time, money, experts, doctors, nurses, a co-author, eczema community and friends. In 2014, I would start a devotional on Friday, a few words to encourage parents. This I feel is the right thing to do.

What do you think? Any wish list for EczemaBlues in 2014?

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