Eczema Life Cartoon

Eczema Cartoonist Mom on Break

I wish I'm really on a break, but no... not really!
I wish I’m really on a break, but no… not really!

I’m away, but not on break.. work work work. I could have drawn up a cartoon for Life of Eczema Girl and scheduled it, but no, I’m thinking since I’m not having a break, I might as well take one off Monday cartoon!

It got me thinking though, not only am I away but not on holiday break, I’m also having to worry about dozens of stuff which tell me if you think the same!

Thoughts on Toddler:

1. What can I do to pre-pack her school bag? What about her show-and-tell? And the lantern and mooncake she has to bring for Mid-Autumn Festival? (for those of you not familiar, check this Chinese’s festival out!)

2. What about her eczema… not much I can do but I’m sure my hubby is more than competent to deal with any flare-up, and good luck to the co-sleeping!

Thoughts on Hubby:

1. His dinner, lunch, dinner, lunch… my latest ‘act of love’ is to prep lunch for my hubby, on top of cooking daily!

Thoughts on Chores:

1. Wash clothes now, get ready school uniforms, heck with the cleaning

Thoughts on You: Anyone miss me? Hope so, won’t be gone for long though, just long enough to take a Monday cartoon break.

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