Parenting Eczema Child – I feel incompetent

This image says it all.. just suddenly feel this way, I’m doing a fab job with controlling the eczema, but what about the heart, mind and soul?

Parenting Eczema Child

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  1. […] on Being a Better Dad, something I feel is so important particularly after I’ve evaluated my own Parenting Incompetency. Furthermore, parents of eczema children often spend so much time and energy on managing eczema […]

  2. I think a lot of parents can relate to this…you’re not alone!

    • Thanks! And just today, it appears in Singapore papers on impact of smartphones in children not understood by parents, I think the ‘TV’ boundary is more easily pushed by smartphones, as in it’s so portable and accumulated time on smartphone may just add up subconsciously.
      Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  3. I needed that reminder, thanks!

    • It’s so easy to just let our competency slip, esp toddler isn’t exactly grading us while we get ‘graded’ in other aspects of our life! Remind me often to be a good mom!

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