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Eczema Support Group – 4th Sharing on Allergy Testing

Eczema Support Group, Singapore
Eczema Support Group, Singapore

On 26 January (last Saturday), the Eczema Support Group held its 4th sharing session and it’s the 1st in 2013! Though not too many parents could make it, the few of us had a wonderful sharing.

I shared what I know about allergy, allergens and allergy testing. More importantly, parents with eczema children are all truly in the same boat, and everyone can identify with each other’s experience.

There’s a question on whether it’s possible to over-moisturize using wet wrap, and the doctor on the support group’s advisory panel suggested not to wet-wrap if the wound is infected and to be mindful of use of topical steroid cream on flexural areas where the skin is thinner (as wet wrap increases the absorbency of steroid to skin). Also not to moisturize on weepy wounds and when the skin is better, wet wrap can be stopped and see your doctor again to assess the next-step skin management steps. There’s also concern on steroid potency, as GP/pediatrician and specialist tend to carry different steroid creams, you can check the table for steroid potency here.

The next sharing session is on 23 March (Sat) 2013, 10am. Check back for updates and meanwhile, please feel very free to drop me a comment on how to improve the sharing session! Thank you to everyone who came, including NSC staff!

Your sharing will help others!