Don’t Miss Inaugural Eczema Support Group Meeting at National Skin Centre

To all you wonderful parents in Singapore who has been supporting my blog or joined my support group, do turn up for this Saturday’s (14th July) inaugural meeting of the Eczema Support Group, a peer support network for eczema patients in Singapore supported by the National Skin Centre’s Health Endowment Fund.

I’m the co-chairperson for this group, and I look forward to meeting everyone because I know you will make it a meaningful session where we ‘band’ together with the benefit of esteemed doctors sharing eczema information and a supportive NSC team (nurses, medical social worker, HR, communications/publicity). Registration starts at 1.30pm and run from 2 to 4pm.

See further details below as RSVP is required!

Come for the Inaugural meeting of the Eczema Support Group!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Inaugural Eczema Support Group Meeting at National Skin Centre

  1. Kids above 7 year old are welcome and for those below 7 year old, not encouraged to bring as there’s no activity catered for them in this event 🙂

  2. Hi Mei, is there a website for this eczema support group or how can I subscribe to information or newsletters on matters related to eczema for kids?

  3. Thanks Cindy 🙂

    The website for the eczema support group is – there isn’t much information on the web at the moment, but the intention is definitely to share more information on the site!

    Btw did you go for the Sat’s inaugural launch? It’s very successful!

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