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Alternative treatment – Udder Cream as Moisturizer for Eczema

Udder Creams
Udders are mammary glands

Lately, I came across a recommendation by a mom that using udder cream has helped with her child’s eczema. Udders are mammary glands and the care and hygiene of the udders are important in milking. Udder creams are developed to soothe the chapped skin of the udder, prevent infection and irritation during milking. Somewhere along the line, the udder creams have been re-formulated to a less greasy form, and sold to adults and infant for eczema treatment, marketed with the following points:

  1. Natural skin care
  2. Skin repair properties
  3. Anti-inflammation
  4. Anti-fungal
  5. No paraffin oil

Over in forums, some moms have feedback it worked while a few others lamented that like other natural creams they have tried on their children, it irritated their skin. I haven’t tried it or on my child, but seems like most of these udder creams are not sold over the shelves but instead through stockists or online; read my interview with Moogoo founder.

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Hi I’m Brandi I just got diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis. I have tried every lotion out there already and they have just left me sticky and still itchy. I have literally sat there crying because I itched so bad. My hair has been falling out because of the psoriasis. On top of it all I have lupus. I am so happy I found this website I was just clicking away trying to find something that would bring me relief. I’m going to run out first thing in the morning and track this stuff down. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the tip.

Hi Brandi! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Hugs and hope you’d feel better soon. I’m not so familiar with lupus and psoriasis but understand both have its challenges in managing. Hope you’d find something that works for you, hugs!

I have suffered with excema for years, I’m 20 now and have found it’s getting worse… A few friends have suggested I use udder cream, so I’ve got some on order and will keep you posted on how it goes 🙂
Up until now diprobase has worked, but now I’m finding it more irritating to use

Thanks Gary for the share, yes, do keep us updated!
I use antiseptic lotion like chlorhexidine on my daughter too, to keep the staph bacteria low as that colonizes eczema skin and promotes inflammation.
Have a good week, keep updated yah,

Thanks Rachel, glad that you’ve found something that works for your daughter! Is there any brand or specific ingredient that you look out for in the cream?

Hi, My daughter is 13 years old she has been suffering with both eczema and urticaria since the age of about 4. We must have tried every emollient cream that is available on prescription and while they may have helped the eczema, their greasy base would tend to hold in the heat of the skin and make the urticaria worse. On a relative’s recommendation about 5 years ago we then tried udder cream and have never looked back, regular use twice daily seems to keep both conditions under control and she certainly finds it soothing – and being water based its less greasy. GP and dermatologist were a bit bemused but had nothing better to offer! We buy it in bulk from animal product suppliers as it’s more economical for the amount we need – not cheap but in my daughters case worth every penny!

It is now available at Guardian Singapore. Anyone has tried it, do comment so that the rest of us know, thanks!

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