Doctor Claudia Video – Aging Skin

Dr. Claudia Aguirre is a neuro-scientist and a skin industry expert at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. She is passionate about skincare, frequently lectures worldwide, and is an editorial contributor to global trade and consumer media. You can find her at Marcie Mom: In the video, Doctor Claudia pointed out the growth of anti-aging […]

DermDoc Video – What Causes Eczema?

Dr Jeff Benabio, also known as DermDoc (on twitter), regularly posts videos on health and skincare on Youtube (DermTV). Dr Jeff tweeted MarcieMom about his recent video ‘Great Hack to Help Your Kid with Eczema’ which MarcieMom shared in this post. As Dr Jeff’s video is short, sweet and simple to understand and apply, MarcieMom […]

What I learnt from Dr Claudia’s Video – Eczema, Scratching the Surface

Just watched Dr Claudia Aguirre’s video ‘Eczema-Scratching the Surface‘, posted on The International Dermal Institute that trains over 75,000 professional skin therapists annually. The video covers what’s atopic dermatitis, its causes and treatment, including house dust mite and defective skin barrier (see the video link in the comments). Something new I’ve learnt from the video […]