Coming Home

Today, it felt like coming home – sharing on this blog again after taking a year break from regular posting. I took a break when Marcie started grade school last year and I didn’t feel that it would help you by posting for the sake of posting. As such, for the past year:

On this blog:

I only worked on a few series centered on new studies on topical corticosteroid withdrawal, contact dermatitis and skin defences, and organizing my archive posts into Google Collections.

On other pursuits:

I took an interest in hand lettering and visual notes, and you’d see more of these for this year’s posting.

In 2017, I’d post twice a week, a lighter posting schedule compared to three times a week in the past. I feel that this feels a little like coming home, returning to what this blog is about, i.e. turning blues to bliss.

2017 Blog on Eczema Atopic Dermatitis

Blogging on – feels like coming home after a long vacation

Sharing verses from a poem Coming Home by American poet, Vern Rutsala (from January 1985 Poetry Magazine)

We thought we knew these

sidewalk cracks by heart

but even they have altered

in our absence, branching out

on their own. The yard too

has a new identity -some

plants dead, others new.

Inside, the knives and forks

don’t seem the same and feel

wrong in our hands. The design

is more extreme than we remember and there has been

some subtle change in scale

too. The touch of familiar

things is strange, surfaces

feel foreign as if we had

brought back some art

of foreignness. Even the old

companions – tables and chairs,

the light through a window –

seem alien. We are back

but not back all the way.

New Sail for Marcie’s Family

Dear Mommies, Daddies and Friends of this Blog,

MarcieMom EczemaBlues

This is the time I waved goodbye to you (at least for 2016) as I’ve decided to stop updating this blog with 3 posts a week. There are 859 posts on this blog for the past 5 years, with the first blog post in January 2011. Marcie (my daughter with eczema from 2 weeks old) has just started Primary 1 this year and it is very stressful to continue with the blogging commitments while helping her with school. I also feel that this year is a year of change for me and nothing can change if all my free time is used to update this blog.

This blog has comprehensive information you need to care for your child with eczema, and use the (i) search box, (ii) categories on the right side bar and also the (iii) drop down list under Eczema Tips in the menu bar to find the eczema information you need. It has come to the point when my blog has so much information that there’s little value-add I can provide by committing to a 3 blog posts/week – trying to squeeze knowledge into this blog for the sake of fulfilling blogging commitments won’t be helpful to you.

I’m not sure if I will blog in 2016, nor the plans for 2017 onward. This is a blog I believe is a blessing from God, often he brings expert guests to me and help me be able to complete the blog posts. As and when I’m called to add more to this blog, I’d do so.

For now, thank you to all of you who read this blog, to all of you who commented and emailed me, to all the GPs and dermatologists who recommended this blog to parents, to all the experts and friends who helped out and are a part of this blog, thank you for this 5-year journey with me.

EczemaBlues joining in #UBP14 Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2014I’ve been participating in the ultimately blog party for two years, it’s simply a blog hop with loads of prizes and meeting new friends. Quite a few moms came to know of EczemaBlues last year, from seeing my blog on this party.

Check out the fabulous work that twin sisters @5MinutesforMom do, and join in the party!

The Blog Party I Missed and not want to Miss

Ultimate Blog Party 2013This is not an eczema related post, but in a way, it is related because joining the 2013 Ultimate Blog Party will help me to build more traffic for this blog.

As you know, I’ve been committed to helping eczema families, since this very first post in 2011. I’m still doing so 2 years from then, working with dermatologists, nutrition and parenting experts to help you better manage eczema in your family. However, there’s no use to any of this to the mom who I can’t reach out to, and in order to reach out to more, I’m learning about social media and from other moms like Susan and Janice of, the host of this blog party that takes the twitterverse by storm every year. Last year I was late in joining, this year, I think I’m the earlier ones!

Also, it’d make my day if you find my post helpful, and share it with your friends over at your social media, or if you’re not into any of the techy/media stuff, leaving me a comment will make me happy too! As Marcie has learnt to say, ‘Thank You Very Much!’

Quick update: I’ve won PicMonkeyApp 6 months’ use via the twitter party, TU V Much!

Dermatology addressed at Rise and Shine and Carnival GIVE-AWAY

I’m one of the partner bloggers for Singapore’s Rise and Shine Expo, and the neat part of this expo is that they also address dermatology (read one of the founder’s eczema journey here).

Their expert panel includes dermatologist, Dr Audrey Tan, who has answered two dermatology questions on their site here. Below is an extract, do read Dr Audrey’s full reply:

What are the side effect of applying steroids on a baby less than 2 years old and what are other effective cures other than steroids?

Dr Audrey Tan: It is safe to use a topical steroid on your son’s skin as long as the steroid is of the potency appropriate for the degree of skin inflammation, and it is applied only on affected skin…

What kind of baby products should I use on my baby who has mild eczema problem? Are there any special ingredient I should look out for or avoid when buying products? Can my baby continue with swimming since swimming will dry out the skin?

Dr Audrey Tan: Applying a moisturizer is an important part of the daily skin care routine for your baby with mild eczema…

Rise and Shine is also holding a carnival on 3rd March 2013, Sunday, 8.30am to 12.30 pm, at The Lawn @ Marina Bay. Dr Amy Khor is the guest of honor, and there’s goodie bags, fun activities and talks relevant for kids, see below poster on how to register!

AND the FIRST TWO PEOPLE (in Singapore with valid email address) to COMMENT in this post will receive TWO Adult tickets FREE for the Carnival. The early bird ticket is worth S$8 each. Giveaway ends at 3pm this Thursday 28 Feb 2013.

Rise and Shine Carnival

Eczema Blues 2013 Resolution!

Marketing is my top priority!

1st, Happy New Year and wishing that all our children will not be itchy scratchy in 2013!

2nd, if you’ve noticed I’ve already had a busy start to the new year, so much so that I’ve missed yesterday’s post (I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – I beat myself up for missing the post, not lining up enough, missing 3 out of 6 daily jogs for the past week, putting on weight (hopefully all muscles) and not loving my family enough, too much distraction with watching the Suits (Diva Universal airing Suits season 2 next Monday 8pm) and reading one too many James Patterson novels. As you sense by now, I’m distracted so I’m in need of some focus in 2013, which brings me to

3rd, my resolution for Eczema Blues in 2013. The acronym is MARKET, to remind myself that the top priority is to get more people to know about this blog, otherwise, who’s reading all the 300 posts to date, including 74 eczema cartoons! I’m getting back to basics, so Marketing 101 for me. It’d still be all about eczema, so fret not, I’m not publishing the 40 cartoons for each chapter of Exodus (bible) that I’ve drawn here (that’s another reason why I’ve been so busy!). I’ve been drawing a cartoon every Monday, and publishing posts every Wednesday and Friday. That’s way too much if I’ve to spend time to market my blog, which I am. So, I’m going to Relax while I’m alive and go easy on myself, likely just Monday and Thursday now. No worries though, I’m likely not going to be implementing Wordless Wednesday and give you some picture of Marcie or of Singapore or of my home-cooked dinner to look at.

Here’s the more important bit – as my wise pastor said in the last Sunday of 2012 sermon, we should work on ‘what not to do’ list rather than a ‘to-do’ list. I’d be kicking out what I feel is stale in this blog (and in my life!) and work on creative stuff of my own. If you didn’t know, I design Christian bookmarks that have traveled to many parts of Africa. Also, I’d definitely want to enjoy myself in this process, otherwise, you’d find me writing a burn out post by mid 2013 (as I’d written in 2012!)

THANK YOU for all your support, love everyone who’s reading this blog and share some love by dropping me a comment from time to time? Share about my blog on your facebook? Thanks!

Changing Blog Theme

Dear everyone,

My blog may look a little off these few days as I’m switching the look (i.e. wordpress theme) – Why I switch? Decided to go with Twenty Eleven theme, which is developed by the wordpress team – hoping it’d be more secure and updated with wordpress updates.

Thanks for your patience and bearing with the ‘little-off’ look while I figure how to get it looking neat.