Thank you so much for dropping by my blog (it may look weird now as I’m changing its layout). If you are new to EczemaBlues, let me do a quick introduction – my daughter Marcie had eczema at 2 weeks old, and at around one year old, her eczema improved and I decided to pour my heart into creating this blog – as a resource that parents could visit for practical tips, and hopefully, change some of those eczema blues to bliss.

I stopped updating regularly when Marcie started grade school, as after 5 years of blogging, EczemaBlues already had over 850 posts and it was no longer helpful to write for the sake of keeping up a blog (& more in my farewell post in January 2016).

During the time that I stopped updating this blog, I continued to reply to comments from parents and eczema patients around the world, engaged my G+ eczema community, moderated pro bono for Talkhealth eczema forum and facilitated face-to-face sharing session at a national skin center. All this time, I had the nagging feeling that something was broken in the way eczema patients received their care – Why with all the information out there (including my blog!) are eczema sufferers still suffering? Why are patients not getting the information that they need from their doctors (and have to search forums for answers)? Why do certain patients have such a positive consultation experience, while others felt written off by their doctors? Why do patients testify that certain products, prescriptions and treatment plans work so well for them (even if they are not the conventional doctors’ recommendations)?

With above in mind, I decided to open my mind and re-look a few things below:

  • New research for eczema, in particular, findings that reverse what we thought would work or couldn’t work
  • Patient, doctor and the consultation experience, i.e. is there anything that we can do to increase the odds of a positive consultation
  • Products, prescriptions and treatment plans, including non-conventional ones which had not been supported by sufficient clinical studies

I’m working on setting up some sort of community forum or review, and will also be posting (affiliate) links to products as I find out more about different products that others use for their eczema. I’d also be coming up with a series of guides for various needs, and working on my e-book. During the time-off from this blog, I’ve taken an interest in hand-lettering and I may just be converting some of these into digital products that you can purchase to encourage your friend with eczema. All in all, it’s a shift from practical tips to practical tools… with the same purpose of turning eczema blues to bliss.

& Always remember – You are the best parent for your eczema child

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