Coming Home

Today, it felt like coming home – sharing on this blog again after taking a year break from regular posting. I took a break when Marcie started grade school last year and I didn’t feel that it would help you by posting for the sake of posting. As such, for the past year:

On this blog:

I only worked on a few series centered on new studies on topical corticosteroid withdrawal, contact dermatitis and skin defences, and organizing my archive posts into Google Collections.

On other pursuits:

I took an interest in hand lettering and visual notes, and you’d see more of these for this year’s posting.

In 2017, I’d post twice a week, a lighter posting schedule compared to three times a week in the past. I feel that this feels a little like coming home, returning to what this blog is about, i.e. turning blues to bliss.

2017 Blog on Eczema Atopic Dermatitis
Blogging on – feels like coming home after a long vacation

Sharing verses from a poem Coming Home by American poet, Vern Rutsala (from January 1985 Poetry Magazine)

We thought we knew these

sidewalk cracks by heart

but even they have altered

in our absence, branching out

on their own. The yard too

has a new identity -some

plants dead, others new.

Inside, the knives and forks

don’t seem the same and feel

wrong in our hands. The design

is more extreme than we remember and there has been

some subtle change in scale

too. The touch of familiar

things is strange, surfaces

feel foreign as if we had

brought back some art

of foreignness. Even the old

companions – tables and chairs,

the light through a window –

seem alien. We are back

but not back all the way.

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