Kickstarting 2016 with Friday Eczema Kids Activity!

Happy New Year to everyone! I pray that this blog will be a blessing to you in 2016 and I’m inspired to create activities for eczema children to learn about their skin and eczema. This is the first one that I’ve created, so give me feedback and thank you for letting EczemaBlues be a part of your life!

Crossword Puzzle for Eczema Kids - Learning about Skin
Crossword Puzzle for Eczema Kids – Learning about Skin

Clues (Across):

3. Act of applying lotion or cream on your skin

6. What shower (temperature) should I NOT take because it dries my skin?

7. Should you moisturize daily or weekly?

8. Name of cream I should apply when I go into the sun

10. Name of the thick cream you apply, the thicker the cream, the longer it last

11. What is a function of our skin – against chemicals and harmful substances (start with P)

12. What should you NOT do when wiping yourself dry with a towel? (Clue: opposite of pat dry)

13. Will scratching damage our skin?

1. Name of liquid I produce that sometimes make me feel itchy

2. What part of me should I keep it trimmed and short to limit skin damage if I scratch?

4. The time frame when you should moisturize after shower

5. Name of the watery liquid you apply on your skin

8. Are long or short showers better for me?

9. What is the body organ that covers our body?

11. What ingredient should I avoid? (Clue: Smells nice!)

You also have the option of downloading the pdf and if you need help with the answers, click here.

I hope you like this crossword and that it is a tool for your child with eczema to learn about his/her skin and how to protect it!

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