Crossword for Eczema Kids – I Can Shower!

Teach your child some best shower practices to protect their dry/ eczema skin
Teach your child some best shower practices to protect their dry/ eczema skin

1. Should I pat myself completely dry after shower?

3. What temperature water should I not use during shower?

6. How many minutes after shower should I moisturize? (Ideally: It’s immediate, but dermatologist’s rule is (how many) minutes)

8. What item should I not use on my skin to wash myself? 11. How many minutes should I shower? Too long shower dries the skin!

12. Meaning: Not harsh. Be sure not to use harsh cleanser for your shower!


2. What plant can be made into a bath oil for your skin?

4. How often do I shower in a day?

5. What I use to clean my hair

7. Showering too many times is _ _ _ _ _ _ to the skin

9. The gentle action that you can take dry the skin after shower, using a towel

10. What can I use on my skin during shower to make it smoother? Bath _ _ _

You also have the option of downloading the pdf and if you need help with the answers, click here.

Learning to shower right is very important, think of many times you shower in a year! If you like the pdf version, click here and here for the answers!

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