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Watch two dietitians share tips on feeding picky toddlers

Two Mom Dietitians had teamed up to present an online training class for feeding picky toddlers. I’ve interviewed one of them, Natalia Stasenko, RD before on a Toddler Nutrition series covering

How Much to Eat

What to Eat

What Not to Eat

In the video above (click link here), the dietitians shared about a magic phrase to end feeding battles

Toddler Nutrition

You Don’t Have to Eat

Generally, for picky eaters, the parents find themselves pleading, tempting or rewarding for eating food. However, the more pressure placed on the child to eat, the more likelihood that child will resist and not eat. On the other hand, children are more likely to consider trying foods when there’s less pressure to eat.

However, what if the child really doesn’t eat? Both dietitians shared that it’s unlikely that children will not eat meal after meal. To gain some insight as to why a child may not want to eat then, parents have to look at the eating pattern of the child and the existing circumstance. For instance, if the child has been grazing the whole day (i.e. eating small amounts of food throughout the day), he/she is unlikely to feel the need/drive to eat a proper meal. Also, the child can be tired, or feel more like playing or doing other activities to ‘release steam’ rather than eat.

There will be a next video on parents’ role in feeding and a clue is that it is not our job to get the child to eat – yes, we prepare and present the food but eating should come from appropriate inner drive from the child. Watch this video here!

p.s. I’ve signed up as affiliate for this picky eater class, but more so as I’ve worked with Natalia before and she’s very passionate about kids nutrition.

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