Rise and Shine Feature – Parenting with Angela Jacobsen

Angela Jacobsen, OzSuperNanny, gave a talk for moms at Rise and Shine Expo
Angela Jacobsen, OzSuperNanny, gave a talk for moms at Rise and Shine Expo

From 27 to 29 September 2013, Rise and Shine Expo, an informative expo to raise happy and healthy children was held in Singapore. There were more than 100 seminars, workshops and trial classes, including cooking demonstrations by Angela Jacobsen. Angela Jacobsen also gave a talk on the Sunday afternoon, ‘Preparing for the arrival of a newborn for today’s working mothers’.

Angela Jacobsen, also known as OzSuperNanny, has worked with children in different countries for more than 15 years, including for celebrities and also ordinary parents needing help. Angela has studied child care, personality development and pediatric first aid. We have been hanging out over GooglePlus and many of our hangouts are here.

Last week, we shared Angela’s tips for pregnant mothers on what they can prepare medically, physically and on their environment. Today, we will cover the rest of her talk on parenting.

Parenting Styles

There is no set parenting style and you can mix and match various ideas, including changing parenting styles. The important thing is that both parents should decide and agree on how to raise the child. Brainstorm with your partner on your beliefs and values as a family, perhaps involve your extended family. Do discuss any conflicts that arises and try to find solutions, before the baby is born!

Parents are Role Models

Children learn from watching their parents, and they are like little sponges, taking all in long before they can talk. Therefore, model appropriate behaviour, and be consistent in what you teach and also surround your child only with people who follow the same behaviours. Those with alternative caregivers should make sure they know and follow your parenting rules. Update the rule list for your carer and be vigilant to monitor and ensure that your baby is taken care of as you would desire them to be.

Giving Time

Angela often gets asked how much time is appropriate to spend with your child, but each parent will have their own answer to this. It is important though to spend regular time doing enjoyable activities as a family, without the interruptions of phones, iPads and computers. Set your own priorities, including that between career and family. Time spent do matters to the child and therefore it is not unexpected that some children grow attached to their carers who spent the whole day with them.

Sneaking in a question on parenting eczema children here: Very often, children with eczema itch terribly and parents usually end up saying/shouting (in exasperation!) ‘Stop Scratching!’. Do you have any positive reinforcement ideas to distract from scratching as I understand encouraging a child works better than saying no all the time?

Angela: You can also try to redirect children into doing something else rather than scratching, use positive words and also say please don’t do that. Perhaps suggest applying cream rather than scratching.

Thank you Angela for sharing baby recipes, baby preparations and parenting tips for the past four weeks. Look forward to more parenting tips from you and glad to be part of your Family360 too!

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