Stop the Bullying – Google hangout by OzSuperNanny

An open talk among moms with parenting expert OzSuperNanny on Bullying
An open talk among moms with parenting expert OzSuperNanny on Bullying

Angela Jacobsen, also known as OzSuperNanny, had organized a Google Hangout on Bullying, joined by photographer Zurina Bryant, Chef Vivian Pei, Blogger/PR Paula Robinson and Model/Artiste Linda Black. I missed this hangout, but as always, Angela had kindly answered my question on air, thanks to Zurina for asking for me too!

My question: Children with eczema may get picked on in school, either due to their appearance (for those with apparent eczema), or due to differences in routine, for instance, shower and moisturizing required after sports. What do you recommend that school, parents can do to help the child not get bullied?

Angela: Children do get picked on based on appearance; Parents can talk to teacher, who may inform the class and let them know eczema is due to dry skin. As children are naturally inquisitive, it helps to answer their questions about why a classmate of theirs look different, so that they will understand it is not anything that ought to be picked on.

Parents can empower their child with more information about the skin condition, and also build up their self-confidence.

Zurina mentioned that her child’s school had information leaflet sent to everyone, informing them that a new classmate who has psoriasis will be joining and requested the parents to help educate the child about this skin condition.

Wonderful idea, and as we speak the Eczema Support Group is sending out letters to schools to inform them about eczema, and also that they can get support via our group – come for the brunch buffet this Sat, do RSVP so we can get the food ready!

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  1. I think it is important that we keep getting the awareness in front of as many parents as we can. Once parents are aware of the growing problem, parents can talk with their kids about the subject. I always tell my kids to tell an adult, whether it ends up being a teacher, me, or another trusted adult.

    1. Thanks Christy for leaving a comment 🙂 Yes, totally agree. I do ask my daughter often, esp. after reading a bully picture book, if she has been bullied in school. She’s pretty steady though, not easily disturbed by bullies. Calm and steady gal! phew..
      Have a nice day!