Sleep tips for Eczema Baby at OzSuperNanny Hangout

zSuperNanny Sleep Hangout
My questions answered on OzSuperNanny Baby Sleep Hangout and Marcie made a special appearance!

This is again another fun and informative hangout with parenting expert, Angela Jacobsen. The hangout was on Baby Sleep, and below are some Q&A relevant for babies with eczema.

Q: What do you suggest the best routine for bedtime?

A: Routine can including feeding the baby, followed by bath, pajamas, quiet time (transition to less movement and noise), stacked bedtime for those with more than one child, so that every child has one on one time.

Q: Eczema children often can’t sleep through the entire night and wake up frequently due to the itch and scratching. Is there a shortened bedtime routine during the middle of night?

A: Reduce time for each of the bedtime routine, but as with traveling, keeping a routine helps.

Q: Babies with eczema, due to Interrupted sleep, often don’t get enough hours of sleep. How can we help the baby to have sufficient sleep/rest so that growth is not compromised?

A: 12 hours of sleep for a baby and if sleeping at night is an issue, should get the baby to have more day naps or rest time during the day.

Other tips I’ve picked up are:

Dinner should be sufficient, instead of relying on snacks. Avoid snacks before dinner time, and if the children are always hungry before the scheduled dinner time, consider bringing the dinner time forward. Avoid unhealthy snacks. Also have water by the bed.

Keep bedtime, ie the staying in bed part, non-negotiable.

Watch the hangout for more tips, Including covering nightmares, jetlag and whether it’s ok for the children to sleep in the parents’ room and potty training at night.

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  1. This was great to know …. My little one now understands the routine …. Don’t get my wrong she fights it a lot, but she loves her baths and feed time. And when I get up to that part she fights with it at times….but loves the end of day routine… As I do too. So thank you so much from the bottom if my heart … You are a angle …. Angela