Ozsupernanny Hangout with Founder of Peridot London on Clothing – Eczema questions

Ozsupernanny Google Hangout with Rachel Wilson, founder of Peridot London, discusses eczema clothing
Ozsupernanny Google Hangout with Rachel Wilson, founder of Peridot London

This is the first google hangout on clothing/fashion for moms, and Angela Jacobsen invited Rachel Wilson, founder of Peridot London for the hangout.

There are many questions discussed on fashion, and coincidentally, Rachel is also an eczema sufferer, and so I’ve got some questions answered on clothing for eczema.

MarcieMom: Any clothing materials to avoid for those with eczema?

Rachel: Natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and silk is suitable for eczema. To avoid wool with scratchy fibers and synthetic fibres.

MarcieMom: Any washing detergent recommended?

I couldn’t catch this answer (possibly due to different brand names), you’ve to watch the hangout here to tell me 🙂 On detergent, I’ve written a post here that it is not easy to find a hypoallergenic brand without all the major irritants so I opted for an allergy cycle that rinses for over an hour and also washes in 60 deg C to kill the dust mites.

MarcieMom: There are also instances of children having eczema flare-ups when trying out new clothes on the rack. How does one gauge if the clothing is suitable if they can’t try it out?

Rachel: Consider shopping online if there are clothing sizes or measuring against the body. Rachel’s brand is PERIDOT London and available online here, and from her ‘about’ page, “At Peridot London we believe in the importance of beautifully crafted pieces, garments with a high quality finish, precision of cut and detail, made in luxurious natural fabrics.” A screen capture of one of the collection:

eridot london rachel wilson

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