The Blog Party I Missed and not want to Miss

Ultimate Blog Party 2013This is not an eczema related post, but in a way, it is related because joining the 2013 Ultimate Blog Party will help me to build more traffic for this blog.

As you know, I’ve been committed to helping eczema families, since this very first post in 2011. I’m still doing so 2 years from then, working with dermatologists, nutrition and parenting experts to help you better manage eczema in your family. However, there’s no use to any of this to the mom who I can’t reach out to, and in order to reach out to more, I’m learning about social media and from other moms like Susan and Janice of, the host of this blog party that takes the twitterverse by storm every year. Last year I was late in joining, this year, I think I’m the earlier ones!

Also, it’d make my day if you find my post helpful, and share it with your friends over at your social media, or if you’re not into any of the techy/media stuff, leaving me a comment will make me happy too! As Marcie has learnt to say, ‘Thank You Very Much!’

Quick update: I’ve won PicMonkeyApp 6 months’ use via the twitter party, TU V Much!

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  1. I found your blog through UBP and the word eczema caught my eye. My son also suffers from this. He just recently underwent an allergy test and showed us a lot of allergies. Beef, Milk, Nuts, Trees and grasses. They did not even test him for all allergies they could because of him being only 2 his back will only hold so many scratches. It is a constant battle in this househould. I look forward to your future posts!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for dropping by and sorry to hear of so many allergies! You can check with the doc which are the foods generally safer to reintroduce at a later time, if you’re worried of cutting out too much foods from his diet. Certain foods like peanuts can trigger severe allergic reaction, so do check w your doctor. On the other hand, if minimizing all that he’s allergic to can help and nutrition-wise, there are alternatives, then it’s still an improvement to the situation…I hope his eczema is manageable and you guys are not losing too much sleep!
      Take care, hugs!