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Click on the picture and watch OzSuperNanny video giving Eczema parenting advice to Marcie Mom!
Click on the picture and watch OzSuperNanny video giving Eczema parenting advice to Marcie Mom!

I’ve my very first Google hangout and it’s with Angela Jacobsen, and you can view the full video in this youtube video.Questions related to eczema children are below:1. I explained that the dry air on the plane caused problem as too low a humidity stripped moisture from the skin, so apart from bring moisturiser I would also pack lots of entertainment to distract my child from scratching her eczema/dry skin – from iPad to colouring to origami! BUT that might had resulted in my girl not sleeping on a midnight flight, so I asked Angela how to organise the child from initial excitement to blissfully falling asleep?

Angela replied was to set the same routine as home, for instance watch tv, then do an activity and take the items away and give the child ten minutes’ notice that he/she is going to bed, pretty much keeping as similar as possible to home and avoid over-stimulating the child.

2. For a child with allergies, eating in a new restaurant in a foreign country poses risk and is there any way to feel safe about the food? Angela suggested printing out a card with allergy in English and the local language, show it to the waitress and have her bring to the chef. If it is not possible to be safe about the food, to pack some food to make a simple meal like a sandwich when traveling.

3. For those of you who follow my cartoons, you would know co-sleeping is such a difficult thing for parents and child with eczema. For one, we got to keep the child from scratching and then hardly sleep well ourselves, and when it comes to weaning our child off our bed, it takes more effort. Weaning efforts are often set back during travel, especially when there’s no child bed, and parent and child got to sleep in one bed. I asked Angela how to continue with weaning child from bed when traveling?

Angela replied that most hotels would accommodate a child bed and if not possible, don’t be afraid to ask for a separate mattress! I’m going to bear that in mind!

i had a great time hanging out with fab ladies and while it was very stressful to figure out a new technology, I’m glad I did figure google hangout!

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