Carrie Prochniak, MS, CGC, provides comprehensive genetic counseling services
Joy Musselman, Registered Dietitian who specialize in weight management

@SharecareInc hosted a live chat over twitter to discuss on genetics on health. Various panelists are invited to answer questions posed during the live chat and @MarcieMom‘s questions have been answered by Carrie Prochniak @AuroraGCs, Joy Musselman @MyDietitianJoy and @DixieRegional. Below are the questions, and naturally, all eczema-related.

Marcie Mom: Is there an eczema gene? And if yes, can newborn be tested for it?

Carrie: Mostly, ezcema is a multi-factorial condition: no one gene to test but multiple that contribute.

Marcie Mom: Any alternative name to ‘bad gene’? Used to say it often when baby first diagnosed with eczema, do help suggest a nicer term!

Carrrie: I like “genetic condition“.

Marcie Mom: Pregnancy diet’s impact on eczema. Would you say more fish and no peanuts?

Joy: Not many studies on this but a minor change to make, so go ahead. Careful with type of fish due to mercury.

Marcie Mom: Can external environment alter impact of gene on body, specifically exposure to allergens on eczema?

Dixie Regional: Environment can alter gene manifestation. Now have fascinating branch of science called epigenetics to study this.

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