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Wow, it’s the first time I participated in a live Q&A over twitter, and I’m so glad it’s such a fruitful one answered by Dr Jim Sears and hosted by USAWeekend. A recap of all the things learnt from the one-hour Q&A will be published on, I’ve listed the questions I asked Dr Jim and his answers below for you!

Marcie Mom: My baby’s eczema improved after a one time oral steroid at 7 month old, another mom told me her baby got worse. What’s her option now?
Dr Jim Sears: Remember that eczema is chronic allergic problem. Trigger avoidance, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory creams.
Marcie Mom: Everytime I use naughty corner on my eczema baby, she’d be scratching. How should I discipline her? She’s 2 year old.
Dr Jim Sears: Time-out (naughty corner) will probably need to be on your lap so you can keep her from scratching the eczema.
Marice Mom: After shower, my eczema baby always scratches her head, whether using cradlecap/organic shampoo, even water. Why?
Dr Jim Sears: Why head itches? MAYBE water too warm?
Marcie Mom: Water not warm, mindful that will reduce moisture. Really a puzzle! Other moms told me likewise!
(p.s. a mom asked Dr Jim what’s the best way to get rid of cradle cap for her 16 month old, his reply was to use OTC dandruff shampoo, just be careful to keep out of the eyes. Use 2x per week for few weeks)
Marcie Mom: Many parents of eczema children cosleep to stop scratching at nite. Does cosleeping reduce stress?
Dr Jim Sears: Here is more about baby eczema:
Marcie Mom: Thanks! Btw my baby loves watching TheDoctors. We think she likes the male doctors!
p.s. 1: When I’m a SAHM, The Doctors was aired at noon and my baby always stopped her scratching and crankiness and got very excited once the male doctors appeared, particularly Dr Travis Stork.
p.s. 2: There’s a section on attachment parenting on Dr Sears’ website. I also read on this page of his website that addresses co-sleeping concerns that  “Infants who sleep near to parents have more stable temperatures, regular heart rhythms, and fewer long pauses in breathing compared to babies who sleep alone.  This means baby sleeps physiologically safer.”
Here’re some more questions I asked but didn’t get answered, anyone has comments?
Marcie Mom: Is oral steroid safe if used once for 0-3 year old? So if under a doc it didn’t work, another doc can’t prescribe?
Marcie Mom: My baby has eczema, so does my hubby (family tree) will my 2nd child have? Will taking LGG probiotics help?
Marcie Mom: Baby scratches most at bedtime and her body also feels warmer. She doesn’t sleep for more than 3 hrs though her eczema is well controlled, why?
Marcie Mom: What’s the earliest age for skin prick test? 2 weeks old too early?
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