Mom with Eczema Child sets up Online Store, The Eczema Company

Jennifer and her children

Jennifer Roberge, who has a child with eczema, shares why she decided to set up an online store Her online store offering products for children with eczema has recently launched, with products such as clothing from Kumfy Cotton and ScratchMeNot, creams, soaps and bath oils from Monkey Balm, Souris Verte, and The Hempest, as well as healing hazelwood jewelry.

Marcie Mom: Jennifer, it’s so good to see an entrepreneur mom, particularly when the business will help children with eczema. What gave you the idea to start

Jennifer: My son Tristan was diagnosed with eczema at three months old and it was progressively getting worse over the years (he’s now three years old). I was desperate to find anything and everything that would help to relieve his suffering, calm the itchiness, or prevent the horrible scratching that would keep our whole family up at night. We spent a lot of money and searched companies all over the world to discover the best natural products for him. It was very costly and time consuming finding the right products from so many different sources, so my idea was to gather our favorites and make them available in one online store for other families like us.

Marcie Mom: How do you think your products can help other parents with eczema children? Have they worked for your child?

Jennifer: I have chosen the products you’ll see on the website because either we use them on our son or we know other parents who have used them, both with great results. My son does not take a nap or night’s sleep without wearing his ScratchMeNot mittens and Kumfy Cotton clothing (tops with mittens and pants with feet) because without them he would scratch himself horribly.  All our creams, oils, and soaps are wonderful products with all natural ingredients that are gentle on delicate irritated skin, but not all of them will work for every child. Therefore, we offer a variety of products so parents can find something that will help their child with their particular case of eczema.

Marcie Mom: How do you find the time to parent two children and run the online store?

Jennifer: Multi-tasking, isn’t that what moms do best?! I’m sure all the mompreneurs will say the same. It’s also finding the right balance of time management and structure. I have the passion to help families living with the daily challenges of eczema, so that’s a big motivator for me.  We do plan to keep to our regular family time though – dinner together, weekends biking or going to the park. Family is incredibly important, so our time together will remain a priority in our lives.

Marcie Mom: Thanks Jennifer, all the best for your online store.
p.s. To readers of, I did not receive any money from Jennifer or for this interview. My ebook, A to Z Animals are not scratching!, is sold on, for which I would receive a certain percentage for the sale since I’m the author and creator of the ebook.

When Innovation is born from Adversity – Eczema Moms make baby clothing

Have you seen those rompers that has a mitten over the long sleeve to reduce damage from baby scratching? Recently, I keep coming across parents recommending such clothing as it worked for their children. So, I googled and the interesting thing is almost all of the companies that retail these clothing were started by moms desperate to find a solution for their babies scratching at night. That, to me, is quite inspiring, making something good out of managing eczema, which we all know is something we don’t wish on any child (AND it is the moms!). Below are some of the price comparisons (I haven’t bought any for my baby, so I can’t comment on the product; I also don’t get paid for this post).

Clothing with the ‘sewn-on mittens’

Pink Firefly from

US$19.95 – made in USA, 96% Bamboo, Cotton, Silk & 4% Lycra

Pounds 30 for a Poplin Sleepsuit – (can’t find made where, company based in UK) 100% cotton with 47th Element Silver Technology (according to their site, silver can prevent secondary infection and remove bacteria overgrowth). Clothes made with mid weight cotton, not too warm nor too thin to be scratched through. Tear-off labels on outside and no seams inside.

Pounds 7.50 for sleeves to be worn over normal clothes – (can’t find made where, company based in UK)

Has dual layer: inner layer cotton move with baby’s fingers while outer silk layer stays stationary with skin

Pounds 17.99 for a full suit romper – (can’t find made where, company based in UK)

Uses Okeo-tex 100 cotton which reduces chances of allergy from dyes

Clothing using bamboo

Quite a few online shops selling organic baby clothing uses bamboo as the main material, citing that bamboo is hypo-allergenic, soft, breathable and thermal regulating. Also supposed to be 3-4 times more sweat absorbent than cotton and that since bamboo is not prone to pests, no pesticide is sprayed on bamboo and that there is anti-fungal property.

Pounds 19.95 – 70% bamboo, 30% cotton, made in UK from

Pounds 14 – Bamboo Baby sleepsuit, cotton and bamboo, made in China from

NZ$39.95 – cotton, 5% rayon from organic bamboo, 5% spandex, made in NZ from

As a guideline, avoid wool and synthetic fibre. Wash new clothes to remove chemicals from manufacturing. If you are currently tying mittens on your baby, well.., one of the site wrote that it’s not recommended as it is the hand/eye coordination practice time for baby development and squashing the fingers together, make them even hotter and itchier and and the knot may lead to skin damage if baby uses it for scratching. Also, that it creates stress.. that I think is quite hard to avoid!

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