Alternative treatment – Udder Cream as Moisturizer for Eczema

Udder Creams

Udders are mammary glands

Lately, I came across a recommendation by a mom that using udder cream has helped with her child’s eczema. Udders are mammary glands and the care and hygiene of the udders are important in milking. Udder creams are developed to soothe the chapped skin of the udder, prevent infection and irritation during milking. Somewhere along the line, the udder creams have been re-formulated to a less greasy form, and sold to adults and infant for eczema treatment, marketed with the following points:

  1. Natural skin care
  2. Skin repair properties
  3. Anti-inflammation
  4. Anti-fungal
  5. No paraffin oil

Over in forums, some moms have feedback it worked while a few others lamented that like other natural creams they have tried on their children, it irritated their skin. I haven’t tried it or on my child, but seems like most of these udder creams are not sold over the shelves but instead through stockists or online; like Moogoo and Dr Hess.

Alternative treatment – Does Manuka Honey help with eczema?

Manuka Honey

When my baby Marcie got hand-food-and- mouth disease, my brother introduced me to Manuka Honey as it supposedly can help to reduce the ulcers in the mouth. After doing a google search, I am surprised to find that there are many links relating to how manuka honey can help with eczema. Being curious, I did a little research and though the verdict is still not conclusive, Manuka Honey seems to be a fairly safe product with no known side effects.

What is Manuka Honey?

– Produced by bees that collect pollen from manuka bush native to New Zealand, proven to have anti-bacterial property above ordinary honey

– UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factors, where say a UMF 12 stands for 12% solution of antiseptic

How does it help with Eczema?

– Stops infection and reduces inflammation

Moisturize, soothe and repair dry, cracked and damaged skin

Other Benefits

Other benefits published in a 2006 article suggest ability to fight superbugs, bacteria that causes gum disease, soothes sore throat and helps with digestion

Word of Caution

– Got to find active manuka honey in cream form, rather than applying honey direct onto baby, o.w. so sticky (and yucky or yummy, depending on how you see it!)

– One teaspoon is recommended for adults, so not to be given in excess to children

– Not to be given to babies below one year old (some links recommend 2 year old)

Alternative treatment – Stemtech AFA, is it safe for your baby?

Recently, one mom recommended Stemtech AFA and out of curiosity, I decided to google and see what this product is. My personal view is to stick to moisturizing for eczema and consult a specialist for your child. Given that there is no cure nor quick fix for eczema, I will not give my child any oral medicine or in this case, dietary supplement, unless it is confirmed 100% safe by an independent doctor.

Here is the information on this dietary supplement, Stemtech AFA, obtained from its Malaysia website:

– AFA is short for aquatic botanical Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, an extract of blue-green algae

– Support release of stem cells from bone marrow and increase the number of circulating stem cells (that will travel to areas of body most needed)

– Dietary supplement, not required to be approved by FDA

– Company is founded in 2005 by Christian Drapeau and its products sold through network marketing

There is no google search linking Stemtech AFA to treatment for eczema, but there is a post on a Dr Dale Peterson’s website who pointed out that there is potential toxicity and that bone marrow cells promote cancer growth and metastases (spread of cancer growth). Here are extracts of the post:

– Dr Milena Bruno, leading authority in blue-green algae, replied that a substance present in blue-green algae, Microcystin-LA, has several chronic consequences, they are clastogenic, strong tumor initiators and promoters, they are also endocrine disruptors, and  their effects are synergistic.

– Publication by Zhang, et. al. in the January 2007 issue of Environmental Toxicology which shows that microcystins not only accumulate in the liver and other tissues of adults, but are passed on to their offspring.

Dr Donald Orlic, whose work is cited by Christian Drapeau, replied that noone, to his knowledge, has ever suggested that there is benefit derived from a daily supplement of a bone marrow stem cell releasing product when administered to normal individuals.

There is an open lawsuit from a case of a girl who died from liver failure

– Various research cited by Dr Dale that bone marrow stem cells play a role in cancer growth

Above is what I googled and I don’t want to judge parents who opt for alternative treatments, knowing how stress we all are managing our children’s eczema. For me, I just stick to moisturizing and steroid use under doctor’s instruction.

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