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Was the Switch to HA Milk Worth it?  

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Am compiling the latest eczema studies on breastfeeding and formula milk and one study that came up was that partially hydrolyzed milk had no protective effect on eczema. I recalled that when the pediatrician diagnosed my daughter with eczema, the first change was to her milk from breast milk and cow's milk formula, to breast milk and HA (hypoallergenic milk = partially hydrolyzed milk).

It was so difficult.

Firstly, breastfeeding was already a huge struggle for me. Lack of breast milk, either due to delayed proper latch-on (cos it was holiday and no lactation consultation was available to help!) or my own breasts and milk supply, then coupled with the STUPIDEST aid to put that feeding tube and have the baby think that the milk actually came from the breast instead of the tube that was pasted onto my breast. 

Next, after all that struggle, the diagnosis of eczema and the switch to HA milk.

The milk tasted different, had problems getting my baby to drink, started colic, lots of wasted effort and money spent on the HA milk. Did nothing for the eczema, and then went on to a journey of goat's milk and spending nights figuring the milk formula product label.

Finally, at 7 month old, the allergy test showed no allergy to cow's milk. WHAT? 

So, for me, the switch to HA milk was totally not worth it. What about your journey?

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