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Happy Valentine’s Day and here’s free for your download an image that you can use in whatever non-commercial manner, meant for stressed mom/dad of eczema child to drop a love note to your spouse! Click on the image to get a bigger version you can use.

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Liebster Award for Eczemablues.com at One-Year Anniversary!

It’s a wonderful gift, marking the one-year anniversary of my blog! Eczemablues.com’s first post was on 24 January 2011 ‘Turning Blues to Bliss’ that explained why I started this blog – to help stressed out parents have a place to laugh (Monday cartoons) and a place to get concise information (Wed posts). Since its birth, Eczemablues.com has featured many interviews with guests who are leaders in their field and doctors who help with Friday Q&A. My first guest is Jennifer Roberge, who founded the EczemaCompany.com, an online store selling eczema products for children, including my A to Z Animals book! She’s so kindly nominated me for this Liebster Award (Thank You Jennifer!)

So what’s Liebster Award?

Liebster Award to Eczemablues.com


It’s an award given to friends who have great blogs that ought to be read by so many more people! (That’s my version as I can’t find THE definition, except that many bloggers who received this award wrote it’s meant for people with less than 200 followers)

And there are rules for accepting this award, which I’ve complied!

1. I’ve said Thank You to Jennifer of EczemaCompany

2. I’ve selected my 5 blogs to recommend for this award and will be dropping comment on their blog to let them know. I’d love to also nominate TheRealSuperMum and Dagmar Bleasdale because they are such smart and kind ladies but I think it’d go against the spirit of the award cos they are so popular!

3. I’ve copied and pasted the award on my blog.

4. I’ve faith that the 5 people I’ve nominated will keep spreading the love of Liebster Award.

The 5 Blogs & Special Bloggers I Nominate are:

1. SneezyWheezy – I love the two moms behind this blog, a blog relating to allergy for children. I love them because they have kindly invited me to guest post (even when noone knows me in the online world), invited me to their playgroup and introduced me to Asthma & Allergy Association which is helping me to administer my donation to low income eczema patients – the VERY FIRST in Singapore.

2. VivaWoman – I love this beauty and fashion blog that contains many beauty tips relevant to Asian woman – best part? The blogger behind this is Sesame and she’s based in Singapore! Sesame is also a very kind lady who has helped me spread word on the eczema fund, if only I can find more Singapore bloggers to spread the word!

3. Unhandicapping – I love this blog as it tells the story of a mom journey, taking care of her son with autism. I love the mom Rhiannon Fieri because she’s so supportive in her tweets to me when my girl has chickenpox and when I struggle with co-sleeping and parenting when my husband’s tied up with work.

4. LifeonManitoulinReviews – I love this blog cos I don’t have to keep up with all the giveaways and new products for moms cos C is doing that! C is also very kind and helps to spread word on the eczema fund, plus she’s a great influencer on Klout.

5. EndEczema – This is a new friend I’ve made on twitter and I’m so happy to find another blogger spreading awareness on eczema and in a very professional manner too!

That’s all – btw, to my hubby, I need to give you an award for being supportive of my eczema initiatives. We both know it’s already so tough taking care of an eczema baby; without your support, I wouldn’t have published 110 posts, drew a children book, created a calendar, set up a fund, went for support group meetings while keeping the house spick and span and our girl pretty and bright! (Phew! Such a mouthful and all within a year’s work!)