Helping Parents with Eczema Children

How do you care for your child with eczema? It disturbed me that there are eczema sufferers and their loved ones who are still not getting the answers they want, who remained confused and frustrated. I truly hope that this blog can turn that blues to bliss, and offer your family a good night’s sleep […]

Learning Wet Wrap for Eczema Kids

Reminder of next Saturday’s hands-on wet wrap session for those with eczema kids in Singapore. Wet wrap is an accepted form of eczema therapeutics in children, that is worth learning as it has been studied to improve eczema. This Saturday’s eczema support group session at the National Skin Centre, Singapore will have Presentation by Mölnlycke Health Care, the […]

Eczema Support Group – Wet Wrap Therapy

Wet wrap is an accepted form of eczema therapeutics in children, with numerous studies reporting improvement in eczema. Eczema Support Group under the National Skin Centre has organized a wet wrap demonstration and presentation, in collaboration with Tubifast, to explain what is wet wrap and the different techniques of wet wrap. The session will have Presentation by Mölnlycke Health […]

Eczema Support Group – Wet Wrap Session

Last Saturday 28 March, the Eczema Support Group kickstart the year with a wet wrap session and I learnt something new every time! The wet wrap demonstration was by Mölnlycke Health Care Limited, whose Tubifast product is used globally. A few tips about using wet wrap: 1. It can be dry or wet. Dry wrap is […]

Eczema Support Group – 28 March Wet Wrap Workshop

Hi to Singaporean readers! On 28 March, Saturday, the Eczema Support Group under the National Skin Centre has organized a wet wrap demonstration and presentation, in collaboration with Tubifast. The session will have Presentation by Mölnlycke Health Care, the company with Tubifast wet wrap (read here to understand more on wet wrap) Wet wrap demonstration – […]

Come for 30 Aug Wet Wrap Workshop

Reminder of next Saturday 30 Aug’s workshop at National Skin Centre, Singapore by Tubifast for the Eczema Support Group. This session will be focused on wet wrap for younger kids. Wet wrapping is a worthwhile technique to learn esp given repeated studies proving its effectiveness, read more here. SESSION CANCELLED, RAIN CHECK TILL FOURTH  QUARTER […]

Eczema Support Group – Wet Wrap for Kids

Back by popular demand is another session on wet wrap, focusing on wet wrap for kids, including the younger ones. Another study had been released recently in July on the efficacy of wet wrap, citing a 71% reduction in symptoms out of the 72 children who took part in the study. Healthy skin is maintained one […]

Eczema Support Group for Children – Wet Wrap

Last Saturday 22nd Feb, the Eczema Support Group for Parents with Eczema Children held a sharing session on wet wrap and everyone had a lovely time! After Mölnlycke Health Care Singapore shared about eczema, Tubifast bandage and garments, there was a vibrant discussion on sizes for various body parts of a child. A few pointers […]

Eczema Support Group – Feb 2014 session on Wet Wrap

Welcome all of you back to 2014, and Gong Xi Fa Cai (translated Prosperity Blessings?)! The Eczema Support Group for Parents with Eczema Children’s first session in 2014 will be on 22 February (Sat) 930 am at NSC, so mark your calendar! This session will be on Wet Wrap, focusing on learning how to find […]

SOMEONE Managed Wet Wrapping for Child with Eczema

This is a series focused on personal journey with eczema while managing a certain aspect of life. Today, we have Stephanie, whose daughter has eczema since 18-month old and shares how she manages wet wrapping for her. Stephanie is the founder of Allerchic, an online store for eczema, allergy and asthma. Marcie Mom: Hi Stephanie, […]

Sharing Treatment for Eczema Children

Eczema Tips for Children 1. Moisturizing within 3 Minutes After Shower This is inline with Dr Jennifer Shu’s tip here, so it appears that it’s an international recommended practice. Dr Lynn shared that should it be difficult to do so, or if skin is still dry, wet wrap can be implemented. For practical purpose, should […]

Eczema Support Group for Children – 6th Sharing on Wet Wraps

On 27 April (last Saturday), the Eczema Support Group for Parents with Eczema Children held its 6th sharing session and it’s safe to say everyone had a good discussion! It was a wet wrap demonstration by Tubifast, with a product manager from Mölnlycke Health Care Limited. The key sharing were: 1. Different color-coded are of different […]

Eczema Support Group – 6th Sharing on Wet Wraps for Kids

Time flies when you’re having fun! Last month’s Step by Step sharing by Sister Wong was such a hit, that this month’s 27 April (Sat)’s sharing session will be another Step by Step on Wet Wraps. For this session, we have Tubifast to show you a step by step guide on wet wrap, including covering […]

Doctor Claudia Video – Eczema: Scratching the Surface

Marcie Mom: In the video, Doctor Claudia explained atopic dermatitis and that elevated IgE (immunoglobulin E) triggered allergic response in certain people. There is no single cause of eczema identified, and no cure for the condition. It is instead a multi-factorial condition characterized by defective epidermal barrier that is more alkaline and has more enzyme […]

Eczema Support Group – Sharing session for primary school kids!

For those of you who are new to the Eczema Support Group’s sharing sessions, do check out this post and this post on how the first sharing session went! I’m excited by the response and feedback received after the first meeting, and decided to be ambitious and hold 2 sessions concurrently – one for the parents […]

Eczema Support Group 1st Sharing on Moisturizing!

I had a wonderful time meeting up, learning and sharing with other parents of eczema children last Saturday, the very first of a monthly support group session held under the Eczema Support Group. Everything shared was in confidence, so no specifics or pictures would be published (none taken in fact!) But for those who missed […]

More on my other featured guests

ManHon Shiew – CEO of CreAgri International, the international arm of CreAgri‘s venture responsible to advance the application of HIDROX® in the field of human dietary supplement. ManHon is a seasoned senior executive and entrepreneur with background in finance, science and technology. In his role, he is responsible for the communication and education strategy for CreAgri’s olive polyphenol […]

Eczema Support Group – Sharing Sessions

As you might have read, Eczema Support Group, Singapore, kicked off to a successful start with its inaugural event on 14th July 2012. Thank you to the close to 100 attendants who filled up the feedback forms, from which we  got a better understanding of the needs of our members & participants. The top three are […]

Eczema Forum Notes – Good Overview on Child Eczema

Last Saturday’s Eczema Forum in Singapore presents a good overview on child eczema, explaining the various causes, factors and treatment options. It was well attended by over 100 people, and I’m amazed half of which looked like grandparents who were wanting to find out more information for their grandchildren (how proactive they are)! The other […]