What happens when an eczema baby get HFMD

Since last Friday when my baby girl Marcie’s teachers called to say they suspected that she has hand-foot-and-mouth disease (“HFMD”), my life, my hubby’s and Marcie’s have been miserable. Today is the 6th day of her HFMD, counting from Friday, 1st day where red bumps showed up on her hands and in her mouth. Here […]

Shingles for Eczema Child

Sometime end of last year, my daughter with eczema had a case of Shingles! We didn’t think it was shingles as it is not very common that young children (age 4) get shingles. But she did – as she also had chickenpox before at about age 2. (She also likely had many times of Hand […]

Rise and Shine Feature – Seminar with Dr Lynn Chiam on Skin Conditions

Baby Skin Functions Common Baby Skin Conditions Stress, Sun and Irritants to Baby Skin Baby Eczema Skin Functions and Care Common Baby Skin Conditions Eczema Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting 20% of children. It can be inherited, and also associated with allergic conditions such as allergic rhinitis. Typically, eczema appears […]

Eczema Support Group – Sharing Sessions

As you might have read, Eczema Support Group, Singapore, kicked off to a successful start with its inaugural event on 14th July 2012. Thank you to the close to 100 attendants who filled up the feedback forms, from which we  got a better understanding of the needs of our members & participants. The top three are […]

Friday Q&A with Sue Atkins – Discipline for Eczema Children

This was originally a Friday Q&A for 5 weeks which is now combined into one informative post. As parenting children with eczema brings unique challenges, such as scratching (till bloody) when being disciplined, MarcieMom invited Sue to help with some thorny parenting issues that parents may face with their eczema kids. Do you still carry […]

Recommend Your Baby’s Eczema Doctor (Singapore)

Many moms have asked who to recommend for their baby’s doctor – whoever we decide on, I feel that the doctor must be specialist in children and have the best interest of the child. It is also very important that we, as parents, be confident and partner with our child’s doctor. This is particularly the […]

Alternative treatment – Does Manuka Honey help with eczema?

When my baby Marcie got hand-food-and- mouth disease, my brother introduced me to Manuka Honey as it supposedly can help to reduce the ulcers in the mouth. After doing a google search, I am surprised to find that there are many links relating to how manuka honey can help with eczema. Being curious, I did […]