Different Skin Bacteria for Children with Eczema

May 2019 Study published in the OMICS Journal of Integrative Biology showed that Egyptian children and adults showed less bacteria diversity on skin. There was more of bacteria Streptococcus, Cutibacterium, and Corynebacterium for eczema patients, and in particular, Staphylococcus bacteria.

Topical Corticosteroid Withdrawal – Q&A with Prof Hugo

In March 2015, the National Eczema Association (NEA, in US) published a study on steroid addiction in patients with atopic dermatitis. This was by members of its task force, who looked into the evidence regarding steroid withdrawal as many eczema sufferers were asking about the steroid addiction syndrome, along with many cautioning and enquiring on […]

Surfactant Skincare Series – Impact on Eczema Skin

This week, we’re looking at the research surrounding Surfactants on Atopic Dermatitis. First a recap of eczema skin and its ‘compromised’ characteristics that warrant special care during skin cleansing. The defective skin barrier in atopic dermatitis makes it: –    Increased skin permeability –    Increased transepidermal water loss –    Increased bacterial colonization –    Reduced antimicrobial peptides […]

AAD A:Z Videos with Dr Daniela Kroshinsky – Shingles

In 2013, I’ve featured American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)’s Dermatology A: Z Videos (here). Since then, AAD has added several other videos which are informative and practical. AAD’s public relations team has once again been most helpful in introducing me to the dermatologists who assisted with my questions, making it possible to bring this special […]

Selection of Moisturizer (II) – Moisturizer and Ingredients

Last week, we’ve covered the 10 Moisturizer Selection Tips. This week, (as promised!), I’ve compiled ingredient listing for common moisturizers found in pharmacy (in Singapore/Asia as some brands are marketed under different brand names in the US/UK). There are broadly 3 generations of moisturizers: 1st generation moisturizers are occlusive – these act as a layer to […]

Eczema News – Review of Clinical Trials for Eczema Therapeutics in Children

Recently, Hong Kong researchers published a review article ‘Eczema therapeutics in children: what do the clinical trials say?‘ in Hong Kong Medical Journal. Categorized by major treatment methods, previous clinical trials were examined for each individual treatment option. Below is my quick and dirty summary, for the full paper that is available for free, see here. […]

Eczema ‘Cure’ Series – Do How We Bathe Matter?

If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know I don’t jump into eczema (miracle) cures. I still don’t. But as I read journeys of how eczema sufferers are cured, I realized that there are common approaches they take. These may not be THE (or even an) eczema cure but I think there’re certain situations which […]

Eczema ‘Cure’ Series – Home Remedies

If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know I don’t jump into eczema (miracle) cures. I still don’t. But as I read journeys of how eczema sufferers are cured, I realized that there are common approaches they take. These may not be THE (or even an) eczema cure but I think there’re certain situations which […]

Ask #SkinishMom – Where is God in a Parent’s Darkest Hour?

That’s difficult. Hypocritical to answer if I have not been through the darkest hour. So, I asked MarcieMom: MarcieMom: There was one night I remembered – one night after many months of waking up in the middle of the night for 2-4 hours to wipe my baby’s skin with chlorhexidine, moisturize again, change new PJs, […]

Mom E-votional : Inconveniences

It is one of those irritating things – the new ATM pin for one of those fancy chip replacement card just didn’t work. I then had to waste an hour queuing and re-queuing to try different pins without pissing the people in the queue behind me. When all fails, I had to queue at another […]

Eczema Complications series – Folliculitis

This is a 4-topic series focused on complications from eczema and mainly inspired because my daughter recently had impetigo. Moreover, the potential complications from bacterial, viral and fungal infection are not very often emphasized yet a child with eczema is often vulnerable to infections. So let’s explore! Bacterial Infection Last week, we covered viral infections – […]

Eczema News – Impetigo for Eczema Child

Impetigo is a common bacterial infection for children ages 2 to 5, and more likely for a child with pre-existing skin condition such as eczema. Today’s article aims to find out more about impetigo, its signs (how to recognize it early), its treatment, prevention and the correlation between impetigo and eczema/atopic dermatitis. What is Impetigo? Impetigo […]

Life of Eczema Girl – C is for what?

This is the 43rd of my 2nd cartoon series, ‘LIFE OF AN ECZEMA GIRL’. For more on chlorhexidine, check out link. Also, read sharing on use of cosmetics. For more cartoon in this series, check out here.

Eczema Research News – Reduce Staph Bacteria?

This is part of a quarterly round-up of some of the recent eczema-related studies, so that we can be aware of possible treatments and their efficacy (and I can also keep myself updated with the latest eczema research!) Today’s topic is on Staph Bacteria, should we Reduce it? Staph, short for Staphylococcus aureus, is a bacteria that […]

MRSA Decolonization Hospital – Eczema implications

A quick post on the latest study published in the above New England Journal of Medicine on the effectiveness of chlorhexidine soap on the decolonization of MRSA in hospitals. 1. Investigating if targeted decolonization or universal decolonization are more effective in hospitals. Why hospitals? Hospitals is one of the common areas where staph bacteria S. aureus […]

Best of 2012 MarcieMom Eczema Twitter Tips – On Hygiene, Nutrition & Lifestyle

Last but not least, the Best of 2012 MarcieMom Eczema Twitter Tips would also include tweets on hygiene, nutrition and lifestyle! I’m passionate about these – prevention of staph infection through good hygiene and prevention of diseases and obesity through healthy eating and living! Also tons of gratitude to world renowned experts who help me […]

Staph Bacteria Series with Dr. Clay Cockerell: Prevention of Staph Infection

Bacteria on Skin Understanding Staph Bacteria on Eczema Skin Understanding Treatment Options for Staph infection and MRSA Prevention of Staph Infection How Staph Bacteria Passes From One To Another Staph bacteria, including MRSA, are spread from skin-to-skin or by contact with surfaces and objects. Staph bacteria present in mucous lining of the nose can be passed to […]

Update on Inaugural Eczema Support Group event – A huge success!

The event was a huge success with the 150-person auditorium packed! This was despite the heavy downpour and the traffic jams along various expressways! And NSC staff were excellent – so many volunteered their Saturday, and all of them are earnest and positive! Hurray! Some notes that I took, based on talks by doctors – […]