A Guest Post on Chronic Diseases

A guest article on this parents forum
A guest article on this parents forum

This post is not about my usual Monday cartoons, Thursday expert interview or Friday SOMEONE got Eczema journeys. It is a guest post I did on a parenting forum, OurMomSpot, and normally I don’t blog about my guest posts. But..

The topic of the guest post is Protecting Your Children from Chronic Diseases, and I think it’s SO IMPORTANT because I’m witnessing right now my own parents (3 out of 4) suffering from chronic diseases – it’s painful, it’s lifelong, it’s a drain and a dread knowing that you’ve a ticking time bomb because that’s what chronic diseases are. Complications like diabetes affecting wound healing, blood pressure spiraling out of control and risk of infections from low immunity due to chemotherapy, the list is endless, and something that is both painful and sad to go through at an old age.

On a positive note, we can do something about it for ourselves and for our children. The guest article explores the following:

Preventing Obesity through Exercise (Preschoolers should have 3 hours of activity per day)

Maintaining a healthy weight through eating the required amount of calories (about 1,800 for an active child)

Preventing chronic inflammation that is linked to chronic diseases through eating less of fast food, sugar and trans fat

Eating wisely through consuming anti-inflammatory foods like shiitake mushroom, cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli and bok choy and replacing more of rice with quinoa

Read the full article here and while you’re at the forum, do note that they have a US$100 Paypal or Amazon giveway (winner’s choice)! A very rare threat, and open to those outside of US too!

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