Eczema Blues 2013 Resolution!

Marketing is my top priority!

1st, Happy New Year and wishing that all our children will not be itchy scratchy in 2013!

2nd, if you’ve noticed I’ve already had a busy start to the new year, so much so that I’ve missed yesterday’s post (I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – I beat myself up for missing the post, not lining up enough, missing 3 out of 6 daily jogs for the past week, putting on weight (hopefully all muscles) and not loving my family enough, too much distraction with watching the Suits (Diva Universal airing Suits season 2 next Monday 8pm) and reading one too many James Patterson novels. As you sense by now, I’m distracted so I’m in need of some focus in 2013, which brings me to

3rd, my resolution for Eczema Blues in 2013. The acronym is MARKET, to remind myself that the top priority is to get more people to know about this blog, otherwise, who’s reading all the 300 posts to date, including 74 eczema cartoons! I’m getting back to basics, so Marketing 101 for me. It’d still be all about eczema, so fret not, I’m not publishing the 40 cartoons for each chapter of Exodus (bible) that I’ve drawn here (that’s another reason why I’ve been so busy!). I’ve been drawing a cartoon every Monday, and publishing posts every Wednesday and Friday. That’s way too much if I’ve to spend time to market my blog, which I am. So, I’m going to Relax while I’m alive and go easy on myself, likely just Monday and Thursday now. No worries though, I’m likely not going to be implementing Wordless Wednesday and give you some picture of Marcie or of Singapore or of my home-cooked dinner to look at.

Here’s the more important bit – as my wise pastor said in the last Sunday of 2012 sermon, we should work on ‘what not to do’ list rather than a ‘to-do’ list. I’d be kicking out what I feel is stale in this blog (and in my life!) and work on creative stuff of my own. If you didn’t know, I design Christian bookmarks that have traveled to many parts of Africa. Also, I’d definitely want to enjoy myself in this process, otherwise, you’d find me writing a burn out post by mid 2013 (as I’d written in 2012!)

THANK YOU for all your support, love everyone who’s reading this blog and share some love by dropping me a comment from time to time? Share about my blog on your facebook? Thanks!

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  1. HNY! Great resolution blog, Mei.
    Your pastor’s wisdom is a great stress buster tip: please thank him from all of us. We get into habit loops that need review and resetting from time to time. New Year is a good time to do this. We need to build in enough quality down-time into our lives. Knowing what not to do is always the important preliminary to success with the what to do. Otherwise watch-out for burn-out!