Best of 2012 MarcieMom Eczema Twitter Tips – On the Emotional side of things..

For those of you who follow me on twitter (my twitter handle, ie twitter name is @MarcieMom), you would know that I tweet an eczema tip daily. For every wednesday of this final month of 2012, I’m celebrating and sharing the best of 2012 eczema twitter tips with you… via a blog post.

It’s a celebration because you’ll see that over the course of this year, I’ve drawn many cartoons that resonate with moms and dads! of eczema children – we all face similar issues, related to high stress and poor sleep. You will also see that is blessed with having renowned doctors and experts throughout the world, lending a hand to parents. Enjoy!

17 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Don’t keep saying ‘Stop Scratching!’, rewarding your child for not scratching is more effective (I know, I’m guilty of it too!)

I may not be shouting so loud, but I am SCREAMING inside..

27 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Don’t feel guilty parenting your eczema child; You’re the Best Parent for your child

A support group helps with supporting each other in our parenting journey of kids with eczema!

29 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Don’t blame on the ‘bad gene’ if child’s eczema is inherited from your spouse. It only creates tension.

Family Tree – Who has Eczema?

42 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – It’s Sunday and time to take a break & that includes getting off the net searching eczema information!

I remembered I was all nerves googling late into the night, when already tired from taking care of baby

153 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Parenting eczema kids is complicated by scratching, don’t feel guilty and over-compensate

One guest I’ve known this year, is Sue Atkins, a parenting expert. You can see the post where she advises on discipline for eczema kids here.

Interview with Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert

158 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – If scratching is habitual, consider combining conventional treatment with habit reversal

A repeat guest on my blog this year is Dr Christopher Bridgett, who is a psychiatrist with an interest in dermatology and written a manual that helps practitioners work with parents to reverse the habitual scratching, read here for more.

Parents noting child is scratching (picture credit

320 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Be mindful of sharing what has worked for your child, everyone’s skin is different

Isn’t that so true? Do drop me a comment so that I know my sharing in this blog has worked for you, and also if it hasn’t! Do also help to share on your facebook the blog posts you like, will help me get these labored posts to more parents! Thank you!

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