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Continuing to share my Best of 2012 MarcieMom Eczema Twitter Tips! (part one here) Once again, it’s such a blessing to meet skin experts on the web and have them help out in my blog. So, here you go! – the best of my moisturizing tips!

4 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – The most expensive creams may not be the best, what’s best to do is understand the ingredients

12 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Protect child’s skin outdoors with sunscreen more than SPF30, select a non-irritating one

34 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Avoid warm to hot water when showering your child. It’s too much moisture loss!

38 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Wet wrapping may help your child if her skin is very dry 

49 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – If you are using oatmeal bath for your child, watch your steps as the floor will be slippery!

We use bath oil, instead of soap for shower; A few times, we slipped cos the floor is really bath oily!

57 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Moisturizing lotions are more easily absorbed but not as long-lasting as creams. Personal preference.

Read one of my most commented post ‘Help! What moisturizer to use on your eczema baby?’ and see the various tried and tested brands!

77 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Moisture gets pulled out of skin once humidity lower than 40%, other great tips from #4Eczema twitter party

I’ve had the great pleasure of hosting the one and only twitter party on eczema in 2012! And experts who helped during the twitter party were Dr Claudia Aguirre, Elizabeth Goldenberg, Amanda Roberts and Dr. Stephen Apaliski. Imagine US, UK and Singapore uniting globally to help with eczema!

81 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – The fewer the ingredients, the less likely of triggering allergic skin reaction

87 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Avoid perfume, preservatives and parabens and also learn their various names

I’m so thankful for the Sensitive Skin Product Series that  Laura Verallo Rowell Bertotto, the CEO of VMVGroup, and her mom Dr. Vermén Verallo-Rowell helped out in. It’s a 13-part series and in one of them (click here), is a very detailed listing of various names of ingredients to avoid.

List of Ingredients that Could Irritate

111 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Be careful not to contaminate the moisturizing cream in tub with dirty fingers, I use tube instead 

 221 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Moisturize enough

I met another skin expert, Dr Jeff Benabio, who regularly shares skin advice via his youtube channel. Below is one of such videos, on whether we’re moisturizing our kids enough.

Dr Jeff Benabio, MD (@dermdoc on twitter) – Video

244 of 366 MarcieMom Eczema Tip – Moisturize within 3 minutes of shower

Another doctor I’ve met is Dr Jennifer Shu, board-certified pediatrician and mom,  CNNHealth’s Living Well expert doctor and doctor on WebMD. She provides tips for bathing eczema babies in this post.

Dr Jennifer Shu – Board-certified Pediatrician
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