Supporting Canada’s Eczema Patients in Eczema Awareness Month (November) by Eczema Society of Canada

Mark your calendars for Canada November Eczema Month!

I love that through Twitter, I get to meet supporters of eczema adults & children all over the world. Case in point: Tristan Joseph (@AtopicGirl on twitter) contacted me to spread the non-profit initiatives of Eczema Society of Canada, in particular the Eczema Information Series that they are holding during Canada’s Eczema Awareness Month (which is November). I’m also privileged to connect with Amanda Cresswell-Melville, the Executive Director of the Eczema Society of Canada (ESC).

Firstly, as my Eczema Support Group has just started in 2012, I’m really interested to find out what an established society like ESC does to help eczema patients. From what I’ve read, ESC is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to eczema awareness, education, support and research. It is also no surprise that the persons motivated to serve in ESC have eczema themselves or children with eczema. Amanda is a parent of two children with eczema and an eczema patient herself.

ESC has the following initiatives to fulfill their Education & Support initiatives:


Informative website ( with listing of skincare products (with Seal of Approval from ESC), educational resources and newsletters

Patient information packs available for free to help eczema patients understand and manage eczema


Support volunteers across Canada to answer eczema-related questions and lend a listening ear (1-855-ECZEMA-1) & also answer on-line questions

Readily available guide to kick start eczema support groups across Canada

November’s Eczema Month Program

Next, I just found out that ESC is the organization that decided November is Canada’s Eczema Awareness Month! It was selected because ESC’s founding doctor and directors felt that the cold winter in November and the indoor heating worsened eczema for many, thus being a good time to raise awareness. So, for this November, ESC is launching an Eczema Information Series across Canada on the following dates:

8 November 2012 in Montreal I 12 November in Toronto I 22 November in Calgary

Marcie Mom: Amanda, what are these information series that you’re organizing?

Amanda: The format will be a dermatologist speaker, followed by two patient speakers (sharing their experiences with eczema – one is an adult with eczema, and the other is a parent of a child with eczema) and then a Q&A session for an expert panel, comprised of the speakers and myself.

Marcie Mom: All the best to your November events and sending kisses from our group in Singapore!

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