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Interview with Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert

Parenting children with eczema does bring unique challenges, such as scratching (till bloody) when being disciplined or guilty when eczema worsens (yet again). MarcieMom has the privilege of asking The Parenting Expert, Sue Atkins, on her advice for dealing with these challenges. Sue is the author of the best-selling book ‘Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children’ and also regularly appears on BBC Breakfast television, The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 and has her own regular “Ask Sue” Parenting Q & A phone-in on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex.

MarcieMom: Thanks Sue for joining me again. I read your interview with Reading Kingdom with interest – your 5 tips to raise happy children are (i) play with them, (ii) teach them to be organized, (iii) don’t shout, (iv) keep your patience and (v) respect each other’s privacy, possessions and personal space. My guess is in eczema families, not shouting and keeping patience would be more difficult. We sometimes end up shouting ‘Not Scratching!’ (which isn’t the best way to stop the scratching!) or lose patience with each other as both of us are tired and having to keep an eye (and an arm) out for scratching is really energy consuming! Do you have any tips for stressed out parents to (miraculously) relax while parenting our child with eczema?

Sue Atkins: My Pause Button Technique is a really simple way to empower all parents no matter what situation they find themselves in, as it allows you to press your imaginary pause button, freeze time and consider the consequences of the actions you are about to take, before making a more informed, better choice.

My Pause Button Technique

MarcieMom: Thanks Sue, I’ve visited your article and the idea is to pause and ask ourselves questions such as:

Now ask yourself: What do I want to happen next?

Is what I am going to say bring me closer to or further away from my child in the long run?

What do I need to say or do to bring this situation under my control?

This Pause Button Technique is in your Parenting Made Easy CDs.

Next week, we’ll see your advice on a very specific habit of toddlers and a potential one for spreading epidemic virus! (Hint: Google Singapore and virus in childcare, and you’ll figure!)

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  1. It’s really hard to see our kids who are suffering from eczema or other skin diseases. Even adults like me suffered such too. I do have skin allergy and it cost me a lot when I brought it to the Dermatologist. So i’m thankful to read blogs like yours who can really help a lot to people who needs more information about this disease.
    Thanks for sharing the link of Sue Atkins.

    1. Thanks Cindy for sharing this! I just saw your comment, it must have slipped through as I reply to every comment! Thanks for the share and hope your allergy is under control this winter!
      Hols Cheers,