Dr SEARS L.E.A.N. Series: Raising Healthy, not Stressed Kids

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This is a fortnightly series focused on raising healthy children, following the advice on DrSearsLean.com. Marcie Mom came across Dr Sears’ Lifestyle-Exercise-Attitude-Nutrition approach for healthy families and found it to be practical and fun to follow. However, parents of eczema children may have reservation on certain healthy tips such as bringing their child for swimming (‘Lifestyle’) or eating fruits and vegetables (‘Nutrition’). This series examine if there’s truly a need to restrict eczema children from following the LEAN tips and take note of DrSearsLEAN’s recommendation at the end of each post!

‘Reduce Stress in Your Life’ – Laugh More and Be Grateful

As written on DrSearsLean.com Attitude tips, leading a healthier and happier life comes from having the right attitude to life, and that includes taking steps to reduce stress, increase laughter and be grateful. There are many practical tips to follow but as parents of eczema children, it may be hard to do so; for instance, it’s hard to think positively when the eczema flares yet again for no reason. Or it can be difficult to enjoy a dvd when your child keeps scratching during the movie. Worse, repeated failed attempts to keep the eczema under control could demoralize the parent so much that it’s hard to appreciate the good even in our spouse, not to mention someone we don’t like.  The stress that families with eczema faces is considerable and a study has shown that stress levels in mothers caring for young children with eczema are equivalent to those mothers of children with severe disabilities.

Stress Triggers Eczema

While it may be more difficult to keep the stress level low in families with eczema children, it is important to do so should stress be one of the triggers of the eczema. As stated in Adnan Nasir’s book Eczema Free for Life, stress is the number three trigger and can worsen eczema by:

(i)         Stimulating hormones to be released which result in an increase in inflammatory substances the skin is allergic to

(ii)        Suppressing the immune system which results in a decrease in defense proteins to protect the skin

(iii)       Weakening the lipid skin barrier which results in dry skin that is vulnerable to irritants

Furthermore, stress can also be passed on to our children. So, whatever the situation, take deep breaths and don’t be afraid to ask for help or some chill-out time.

DrSearsLEAN’s recommendation

DrSearsLean.com has several articles relating to stress, for instance:

Reducing Holiday Stress – Tips from Just Say No to Take A Power Nap!

Time and Stress Management – Tips from Planning your day to Managing Stress, using the 4 ‘A’s – Avoid unnecessary stress, alter the situation or change things so the problem doesn’t present itself in the future, adapt to the stressor, or accept the things you cannot change.

9 Great Ways to Keep your Body Happy & Avoid Inflammation – Tips from Staying Lean to Taking Care of your Gums!

MarcieMom: Thank you Dr. Sears for your recommendation. Next interview, we’ll check out museums, factory tours and swimming on your Lifestyle tips!

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  1. Learning to manage stress is crucial to healthy living. All issues are worse when stress is involved so I am thrilled to hear Dr. Sears suggest reducing stress to help children living with eczema. I am happy to be part of the solution by providing stress relief through my Indigo Dreams Series. Children can use the techniques presented in each story to reduce stress and pain, while boosting their immune system. http://www.stressfreekids.com/category/cds/children-cds and parents can fall asleep peacefully to Indigo Dreams: Adult Relaxation. http://www.stressfreekids.com/246/indigo-dreams-adult-relaxation
    I have seen food allergies play a huge role in eczema. If parents can identify the trigger, they can eliminate it from their child’s diet. Keeping a food journal can be very helpful.

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