Friday Dr Q&A with Prof Hugo – Vacuum Cleaner

Prof Hugo Van Bever

Prof. Hugo Van Bever is the Head of National University Hospital’s Pediatric Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology Department. He is also an active member of the board APAPARI (Asian Pacific Association of Paediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology) and has published more than 250 papers in national and international journals. His main research interest areas are paediatric allergy and paediatric respiratory infections.

Marcie Mom: Good day, Prof Hugo! Today, I’m doing some spring-cleaning and just got me thinking – There are many expensive vacuum cleaners out there.

Do you think the expensive vacuum cleaners are worth investing in? What should a parent look out for when buying a vacuum cleaner?

Prof Hugo: In case of house dust mite-allergy, a decent vacuum cleaner is recommended. However, most companies have no research data on their vacuum cleaner. Don’t spend too much money!

Marcie Mom: Thanks! For parents who want to know more about house dust mites, see this post 🙂 (quote below, my advice on vacuuming, and btw, I clean my whole small apartment with wet kitchen towel..I know, my hubby complaining about that too!)

If vacuuming, get a vacuum cleaner with a good filter that does not release small particle in the exhaust; I borrow my friend’s $3000 vacuum cleaner twice a year to vacuum mattress; but if your child has asthma, then the mattress needs to be vacuum weekly. (Dust mite can burrow deep into the mattress and will be hard to vacuum away if the mattress is thick.)

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  1. No doubt he is a professor. A very smart guy. Anyways, thanks for your post. Very well said. Appreciated!