Skin Advice I’ve Learnt from Cosmopolitan (Singapore)

Cosmopolitan Singapore January 2012 Issue

Yes, I’ve actually learnt some new skin-related information from reading Cosmo. In case you’re wondering whether their advice for couples is useful, yes, I think it’s well-written too. I’m just going to list down the skin advice I’ve learnt from this issue.

#1 Skin around the eye is very thin, thus more prone to fine lines which becomes more obvious with age. Blinking also increases the fine lines. No wonder, my baby’s eyelid already has lines from scratching eczema!

#2 Skin around the eye does not produce enough sebum, thus a moisturizing yet non-irritating product is needed.

#3 Astaxanthin, a carotenoid found in carrots, helps fight skin aging.

#4 Bluish dark circles are more common in younger women and due to stress and late nights. I’ve hardly slept since my baby is born, no wonder I’m turning into blue panda!

#5 Skin is 90% water and up to a litre of water can be lost through it. Another reminder to moisturize your child, see this link to learn how much to moisturize and this link on selecting moisturizer. Plus keep posted on the new 13-part Sensitive Skin Product Series.

#6 Skin repairs itself most actively from 10pm to 2am. That’s bad news for my baby who sleep around midnight sometimes or wakes up from 12.30-2am to scratch!

#7 Skin temperature increases at night, thus more prone to moisture loss. No wonder my baby keeps scratching at night (her eczema is triggered by heat) versus little scratching in the day.

So, above are 7 advice I’ve learnt which I’m sharing as somewhat applicable for eczema children.

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  1. Thanks Susan! And indeed, it’s crazy some of the things we do, and you’ve just given me a great cartoon idea of fan blowing in winter!

  2. Hi Mei! My son who also suffered terribly as a baby and child with eczema scratched terribly in the night. He ended up sleeping with a fan blowing on him even in the winter months. He always seemed to be overheated…as a baby, I can remember driving in the car in the middle of winter with the airconditioning on and him out of his winter gear to keep him cool. Our house was always kept on the cool side with him living in light clothing even in the winter. I have never questioned his outer wear…he always seemed to be underdressed for the eliments but it was what was needed to keep him comfortable. I would get many a strange looks from other mothers who did not understand his condition. At 15 years of age, he now complains in the car to turn off the AC because he is too cold…he now wants a comforter on his bed like his brother to keep him warm at night…he no longer needs to put the fan on in the winter, just the summer months…he still underdresses for the winter in my mind, whatever works! I just laugh thinking of all we have gone through to get to this point in life. Quite the journey! For all the scratching he has endured…his skin looks pretty good…just some scars from mollescum he had as a baby. Congradulations on your Leibster Award from It’s An Itchy Little World! Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles